what is machine learning ?

what is machine learning for beginners?

Machine learning for beginners 

Today, the field of science is progressing a lot. Everything from pen to laptop example of science. Our world is full of gadgets and machines. Science has played an important role in human development. The computer is one of the amazing discoveries of humans. which has affected human life in all fields. In the early days, the computer was not so much in use.

Due to continuous development, the computer has become our need in every work we do today. Machine era is about to start in the coming times. Or you can say that it has started. Now where computers possess the ability to understand thinking like humans. today we will learn about a very popular technique called machine learning.machine learning

Many of you must have heard its name, but if you want to get more information about it, then you must read this article whole.

1.what is machine learning?

2.how does it work?

3.what are its benefits?

First, we will know

1. What is machine learning:- Machine learning is a feeling of artificial intelligence that provides systems with capability. That he could learn automatics and improve himself when needed. To program machine learning clearly Teaches to learn automatically without a system.

This makes the system so efficient to work that the machine next time-based on his previous experience. with, he would complete that task himself. And constantly improve it as we humans do is. We are all humans learn something from the all Good and Bad Experience.

We are all humans learn something from the all Good and Bad Experience. And works on that experience base in the future. The concept of machine learning is built on this basis. That is, a particular computer and machine are programmed in this way.

it is known that they can do the user’s recording work. as well as he can store data of users machine learning Focuses on computer program development. which can get the data themselves and later use it for their learning the process of learning.

the machine starts with data and observations, in which direct expression. And machine through instruction Resolved data may be able to find patterns and Future May make better decisions based on human given examples.

The main reason behind making machine learning is that computers can educate themselves without any human help. if you speak a normal way, you can say, humans, want to make a machine alike human. now, we know that

2. how does work machine learning. is a form of artificial intelligence that teaches. the computer to think like a human such as learning from previous experience and improving it. It does this by identifying data search patterns. It also involves human intervention.

this is the reason for making machine learning so strong. Machine learning is capable of resolving complex patterns that are ignored by humans to understand its working methods one has to understand its type.

  • There are four types of machine learning algorithms

1.supervised M learning.

2.unsupervised M learning.

3.semi-supervised M learning.

4.reinforcement M learning.


1.supervised  M learning algorithms:- In this type of algorithm, the machine does learn from the previous experience.it applies it to the new data so that it can use the preceding example to predict events in the future Supervised learning.

various types of quotes and answers are given to the machine as input. Because of which these algorithms learn from the example and estimate the right input based on these inputs.

 2.unsupervised  M  learning algorithms:- examples, and answers are already provided as inputs. In this, the algorithm has to estimate itself based on the data.  That is why these algorithms learn from test data or real data. those that have not already been labeled, categorized or classified.

as unsupervised learning algorithms identify similarities in data. And from each new piece of data. the presence and equality of equality Return the output based on a

3.semi-supervised M learning algorithm:- it falls in between both supervised, machine learning algorithms and unsupervised learning algorithms.what is machine learning ? Because it uses both labeled and unlabeled data for use.

The system that uses this algorithmic method very easily Able to improve learning ability periodically.

4.Reinforcement M  learning:- is a method of learning blocks, who speak to the surrounding environment by presenting the verb And also discovers errors.

this algorithm is unique to trial and error search and finds out about them.

This method helps the machine and software agent to detect any specific instructions on their own.

that is why it can improve system performance now. we will know where does machine learning use. Google has used machine learning to create many applications. such as:- google translate applications you can convert any language to your language through google translator.

this is actually amazing of the machine learning algorithm. google translator has many features such as listening to speech recognition. Machine learning is used in many places.

such as:-Facebook, shopping website, email, google assistant, etc. Facebook is used a lot around the world. almost everyone uses Facebook from young to young. Facebook uses machine learning for marketing and tag optimization.

when you shop online, then your information related to your searched product is visible everywhere just like you. did some search on amazon and opened Facebook or youtube.

after a while, you also get have information about the same product. there On which Google keeps an eye on your every activity and looks ad accordingly in common with. When using email when the mail arrives more then it goes to the spam section.

3. What is the benefit of machine learning talking about the benefits of machine learning. it has made human life very easy. And for this, the machine is being made more efficient and the use of machine learning is not limited to any one field.

but a technology benefit is now being done in almost every field. Such as Where the tread can be easily explained in retail and sales in the future can be estimated. Machine learning is also being used in the finance sector to provide fast service to the customer.

Such as transaction security, system fraud, etc. Machine learning is working very fast in the healthcare sector activity of the human body helps the machine to detect disease.


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