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What is Adjective


What is an adjective?:- A noun or a pronoun that describes the characteristics of a noun is called an adjective.


1.Adjective of quality

2.Adjective of quantity

3.Numeral Adjective

4.Demonstrative Adjective

5.Possessive Adjective

6.Distributive Adjective

7.Interrogative Adjective

8.Proper Adjective

9.Emphatic Adjective

10.Exclamatory Adjective


1.Adjective of quality:- Adjectives that convey the quality of a person or thing is called adjectives of quality.



Kolkata is a large city.

He is an honest man.

She is a beautiful girl.



2.Adjective of quantity:- The person who gives the sense of quantity or quantity of an object is called an adjective of quantity.



The baby has drunk a lot of milk.

I have sold the whole gold.

There is little water in the glass.



3.Numeral Adjective:- The adjective gives the sense of the number of a person or thing, then it is called a numeral adjective.



We have two hands.

He is the sexy boy in the class.

Some boys are playing.

There are not many girls in the class.



4.Demonstrative Adjective: The adjective is used to give information about a person, then it is called Demonstrative Adjective.



This boy is stronger than Gopal

Take any book you like.

These mangoes are sour.

I chose the other pen.

I hate such things.



5.Possessive Adjective:- The adjective which is used to describe relation or authority is called a possessive adjective.



This is my car.

She is his wife.

This is my phone.

This is my business.



6.Distributive Adjective:- The adjective divides the person or thing, then it is called Distributive Adjective.



Each boy has a book.

Each student has remembered the lesson. etc.



7.Interrogative Adjective:- The adjective which is used in asking questions is called Interrogative Adjective.



What book is that?

What manner of man is he?

Which book do you want?

Which boot do you like most?

Whose book is this?



8.Proper Adjective:- Adjective made from a proper noun is called a proper adjective.



African, American, Asian.



9.Emphatic Adjective:- When an Adjective describes a Noun with emphasis on it, it is called an emphatic Adjective.



I saw it with my own book.

She cheated him before my very eyes


10.Exclamatory Adjective:- When what is used as an adjective, it is called Exclamatory Adjective.



What an Idea!

What a boy!

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