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What is a Pronoun? Types of Pronouns & Examples


What is a Pronoun?:- A word that is used in place of a noun is called a pronoun.


Types of Pronouns:-


1.Personal Pronoun

2.Possessive Pronoun

3.Reflexive Pronoun

4.Emphatic Pronoun

5.Demonstrative Pronoun

6.Indefinite Pronoun

7.Distributive Pronoun

8.Reciprocal Pronoun

9.Relative Pronoun

10.Interrogative Pronoun


1.Personal Pronoun:- The pronouns used in exchange for the names of persons and things are called personal pronouns.



Mohan is a boy. 

He reads books.

Sita is a girl.

She is very beautiful.



2.Possessive Pronoun:- Pronouns used to indicate authority or relation are called possessive pronouns.



This pen is mine.

These books are ours.

That pen is yours.

These pencils are his. etc.



3.Reflexive Pronoun:- The pronoun which results in the work done by the subject on the subject itself, is called Reflexive Pronouns.


Note:- They are used only after the verb.



I hurt myself.

They were talking to themselves.


4.Emphatic Pronoun:- When Reflexive Pronoun is used in the sense of adding to the noun/pronoun used in the sentence. So it is called Emphatic Pronoun.

Note:- They are usually used only after nouns or pronouns.



I saw him do it.

We ourselves visited there.

Ram himself said so.

5.Demonstrative Pronoun:- A pronoun that is used instead of a prepositional noun is called a Demonstrative Pronoun.


That is my book.

Those are his pens.

6.Indefinite Pronoun:- The pronoun which gives an understanding of a person and thing in general without making it known in particular, is called indefinite pronoun.


Somebody, Some, Everyone one, Anything, Everybody, Something, Etc.

7.Distributive Pronoun:- The pronoun denotes each different member of a class, then it is called Distributive Pronoun.



Each of the girls has a bag.

I have two shirts and either will suit this occasion.

8.Reciprocal Pronoun:- Pronouns that refer to interaction are called reciprocal pronouns.



All of them love one another.

Both of them mocked each other.


9.Relative Pronoun:- The pronoun is used in place of its previously used noun and connects the relation of that noun to the next clause, then it is called relative pronoun.



I know a boy who is intelligent.


10.Interrogative Pronoun:- The pronoun that is used to ask a question is called an interrogative pronoun.



Who is there?

Which is your book?


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