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Present Perfect Continuous Tense



The action of Present Perfect Continuous Tense often gives the sense that the work which started in the past is still going on.


Such as:-

I have been eating.

He has been reading.

Rule No. 1


[1.] Identification of Present Perfect Continuous Tense:- The verbs in the Hindi sentence in which verb / rha hu / rhi hu / rhe hai/ rhi hai / rhe ho / rhi ho and rha hai are preceded by the past tense word. All those verbs are translated into Present Perfect Continuous Tense.


For example: –

(from two hours, four hours, two years, since morning, 10 o’clock, since 2007, etc.) then all these verbs will be translated into Present Perfect Continuous Tense.


Such as:-

He has been playing since morning.


Rule No. 2 

[2.] Identification of Present Perfect  Continuous Tense:- In Hindi sentences, at the end of which ta rha hu / ti rhi hu / ta rha hai / te rahe ho / te rahe hai, all those verbs are translated in Present Perfect Continuous Tense.



Rules for making affirmative sentences:- To make an affirmative sentence, the subject is used first, then Have / Has is used (according to the subject), then been and finally, V-ing is used.

Use [ Have been ] with First Person Singular Subject [ i ] and use [ Have been ] with First Person Plural Subject [ we ].

Use [ Have been ] with Second Person Singular Subject [You]  and use [ Have been ] with Second Person Plural  Subject [You] 

Use [ Have been ] with Third Person Singular Subject [He, She, It, Ram  ]  and use [ Have been ] with Third Person  Plural  Subject [ They, The boys] 

Affirmative Sentence Structure:-

Subject +Have /Has+been+V-ing+since /for +Time

I have been eating.  

He has been walking. 

Those people have been reading.

I have been living for two years. 

They have been running since morning.

Children have been making noise for two hours.

Nidhi has been working since last Tuesday.

I am studying in this school for ten years.

He has been walking since morning.

Poonam has been singing since morning.

He has been preparing for the exam for four years.

You have been learning English since last Monday.

I have been running since morning.

She has been sleeping for eight hours.

I Have been waiting for you since morning.

Those people have been swimming for hours.

We have been fighting for many years. 

I have been serving the country for many years.

 It has been raining since two days.

 Pankaj has been waiting since two days.

 You have been waiting since evening.

Mohan has been sleeping since yesterday.

He Has been helping me for years.


Rules for making Negative Sentences:- Subject is first used to make negative sentences. After that Have /Has [by Subject] is used. After that, Not is used. After that Been is used and finally Since /For and Time is used with V-ing.


Negative Sentence Structure: –

Subject +Have/Has+Not +Been+V-ing +Since /For +Time

I have not been working since morning.

I have not been running since morning.

You are not doing less than two days.

They have not been exercising since 2 o’clock.

He has not been studying English for two years.

It has not raining since morning.

Pinky hasn’t been doing less since last Monday.

You have been studying since ten o’clock.

I haven’t been helping you guys for years.

You have not been working for two days.

He has not living in this city since 2004. 

You have not been working for two days.

I have not been exercising since morning.

Mohan has not been sleeping since two days.

I have not been talking for two days.

You haven’t been playing a match for a week.

I haven’t been waiting for you for years.

Rule of making Interrogative Sentence:- First of all, to make interrogative sentences, Have/Has is used. After that we use Subject. After that use Been. Then V-ing is used and finally Since/For + Time is used with Object.


Interrogative Sentence Structure:-

Have/Has + Subject +Been+V-ing+Object +since /For +Time?


Have you been doing this work for years?

Have I  been living in this city since 2008?

Have you been studying since 10 o’clock?

Has Pooja been sleeping since morning?

Have you been preparing for the exam since last year?

Has he been suffering from fever for four days?

Has he been sleeping for two days?

Have I been helping you for years?

Have you been writing a letter since morning?

Has it been raining since morning?

Have I been learning music since childhood?

Have they been studying since 4 o’clock?

Have you been working for two days?

Have you been living in Delhi for a year?

Have you been eating pizza for a month? 



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