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Present Indefinite Tense in English


From the action of Present Indefinite Tense, we know that the action takes place normally in the present tense.


Its use:- (a) Especially used to express the nature or habit of the subject. It is used in different ways.

Its use:- (b) It is used to express the eternal truth, principles, permanent activity. Apart from this, it is used to express the feeling of many other situations, such as – future work, decisions, conditions.

Note: – 

1.With this tense it is not understood whether the intended work (while speaking) is being done or not. 

2.This happens in the action of Present Imperfect Tense.

3.Present Indefinite Tense always expresses emotion (not that it is happening). Like: – Dog eats meat – Dog eats meat This sentence is a sentence of Present Indefinite Tense.


Fact: – From this sentence, it is understood Dog’s nature is to eat meat, it means he eats meat. This does not mean at all that a particular dog is currently eating meat. It is known from all these examples and sentences that under this Tense, only and only Dog’s nature has been discussed.


Identification of Present Indefinite Tense:-  The verb in the Hindi sentence at the end of which ta hu / ti hu / te hain / ti ho / te ho / ti hai, remains. That verb is translated into Present Indefinite Tense. Hence it is called Present Indefinite Tense.


Rules for making Affirmative sentences:- To make a positive sentence, we will first use the subject. After that, we will use Verbs, and finally, we will use Object.


Affirmative Sentence Structure:-


Subject +Verb +Object.


I eat.

We eat.

I run.

You sing.

We know.

My brother studies.

He cries.

Pooja dances.

she eats.

They read.

The cow eats.

You teach.

He laughs.

Sita and Geeta sing.

Ram and Shyam study.

Your son runs.

My brother studies.

I read a book.

I go to school.

Indian farmers work hard.

My brothers do this work.

The sun rises in the east.

I do this.

Cow gives milk.

Cows give milk.

My father loves me.

We run. 

Ram and Shyam study.

You go to school.

My cow gives milk.

Teachers teach you English.

Your brother does his work.

I drink milk.

I help Ram.

I love my country.

I read my book.

My mother loves me.

He knows me.

The bird flies in the sky.

She teaches me.

Those people know this.



Rules for making negative sentences:- A negative Sentence is created by putting Do Not / Does Not after Subject in a negative sentence.


Use of Do Not and Does Not:-

When the Subject, Third Person lives in Singular Number, then you can use Does Not And you can use Do Not with all other subjects.



s, es are not used with Main Verbs.

You can also write Do Not as Don’t and Does Not as Don’t and it is mostly used in Spoken English.


Negative Sentence Structure:-


Subject + Do Not / Does Not +v1.



I do not eat. / I don’t eat.

Pooja does not eat. / Pooja doesn’t eat.

You do not read. / You don’t read.

I don’t laugh.

I don’t play.

He doesn’t sing.

I do not sing.

My brothers don’t sing.

Your father doesn’t love you.

We don’t love you.

Mohan does not sleep.

You do not work.

Cats don’t eat grass.

Your friends don’t love you.

Your wife doesn’t help you.

Children do not run.

She doesn’t love you.

I don’t love you.

I don’t know English.

She doesn’t like you.

I don’t know you.

I don’t walk at night.

I do not know this.

My dog ​​doesn’t bark during the day.

I don’t eat pizza.

I do not go for a walk.

You don’t talk to me.



Rules for making interrogative sentences:- If the sentence starts with ‘what’, then you can translate the sentence Let’s start with Do/Does.


Interrogative Sentence Structure:-


Do/Does + Subject +V1?



Do I eat?

Do we read?

Do cows eat grass?

Do you sing?

Do you love him?

Do the kids run?

Do you guys laugh?

Does sita and pooja sing a song? 

Does my mother cook?

Does  Pawan sing a song?

Do dogs bark at night?

Does Sita sing a song?

Do your brothers know English?

Do I study?

Do we run?

Do Ram and Mohan study?

Do you sing?

Do those people exercise?

Do those people smoke?

Does Geeta cook?

Do you guys go to school?

Do you know?

Do you go to Patna?

Does she hate?

Do you go to school every day?

Do you watch movies?

Do these kids know English?

Does your brother drive a car?

Do your brothers live in Patna?

Does your brother know English?

Do you help Mohan?

Does the cow eat grass?

Do I love you?

Does Pooja sing a song?

Do you study at night?

Do Indian farmers work hard?



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