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Past Indefinite Tense



The action of Past Indefinite Tense gives the sense that the action has ended at some point in the past.



I went. 

They worked. 

Ram wrote a letter.

She came. 

Father came. 



In this tense, only the V2 form is used.

I ate.  (here are is the v2 version of eat)


“I ate” or “I ate” would both translate to “I ate”. Some people translate “I had eaten” as “I had eaten” which is wrong. They mistake its verb for Past Perfect Tense.


Identification of Past Indefinite Tense:- The verbs of the Hindi sentence in which the root + (tha / thi / the) are translated into Past Indefinite Tense.


Rule of making Affirmative Sentence:- To make a positive sentence, first of all, we use Subject. After that, we use v2 (another form of verb) and finally object.


We will use [v2] with First Person Singular Subject [ i ] and [v2 ] with First Person Plural Subject [ we ].

We will use [v2] with Second Person Singular Subject  [ You ] and [v2 ] with Second Person Plural Subject [ You ].

We will use [v2] with Third Person Singular Subject [He, She, It, Ram  ] and [v2 ] with Third Person Plural Subject [ They, The Boy ]


Affirmative Sentence Structure:-


Subject +v2+Object.



I ate.

I ate.

Pooja went.

Pooja went.

The children went.

A fire broke out.

I went to school.

He came to me.

Sunita ate bread.

Dashrath reigned in Ayodhya.

He wrote a letter.

Mohan went to Patna.

They helped the poor.

They went to Patna.

He helped me. 

He got the reward. 

My mother loved me. 

He came yesterday. 

The students replied. 

Ram went to school.

He became happy. 

He gave me a pen.

The teacher taught English. 

He abused me. 

He sold his car.

I heard this. 

Lata sang the song.

I thanked him. 

The car opened. 

He wrote a letter. 

He asked a question.

I heard this. 

He saw you. 

We won the match.

I dreamed. 

Ram helped Sugriva.

He sold his car.




Rules for making Negative Sentences:- To make a negative sentence, we will first use the subject. After that will use Did Not. After that, we will use v1 (First Form of Verb), and finally, we will use Object.



Negative Sentence Structure:-


Subject +did+not+v1+Object




You didn’t go to school. 

He didn’t eat. 

I haven’t seen it. 

She didn’t hate me. 

Ram did not eat.

They didn’t try. 

I did not see. 

She didn’t sleep. 

Your brother didn’t work.

I didn’t know him. 

He didn’t go to school.

You did not serve the country.

She didn’t sleep last night.

You didn’t write the letter.

He did not go to Patna yesterday.

You didn’t go to your village.

You haven’t eaten

He did not obey the orders.

He did not give the book.

You didn’t go home

He didn’t talk

You didn’t play

You didn’t say




Rule of making Interrogative Sentence:- Did is used first to make interrogative sentences. After that Subject is used. After that V1 is used.



Interrogative Sentence Structure:-


Did +Subject +V1?



Did you try? 

Did you eat food? 

Did Mohan sleep? 

Did the children go to school? 

Did Prince sleep? 

Did pooja eat? 

Did you win the match? 

Did you forget? 

Did you drink water? 

Did you forget me?  

Did you forget? 

Did you think? 

Did you learn? 

Did you play football? 



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