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 Past Continuous Tense 



The action of Past Continuous Tense shows that something was happening in the past.



I was eating. 

We were running.

You were doing your job. 

It was raining.



Identification of Past Continuous Tense:- The verb in Hindi sentence at the end of which rha tha, rhi thi, rhe the is translated into Past Continuous Tense.



You were doing your work.

You were weeping.

I was eating.

Pooja was playing.

The boys were running.

We were playing.



If in this type of sentence there are time words like: – from three hours, from 10 o’clock to Tuesday, from 2020 AD, etc., then all those verbs are translated by the verb of Past Perfect Continuous Tense.



I was reading.

I had been reading for two years.

(The Past Perfect Continuous Tense is used because of the ‘two years’ coming.)



Rule of making Affirmative Sentence:- To make a positive sentence, first of all, we use Subject. After that, we use Was/Were (according to the subject). After that use V-ing. And finally, let’s use Object.



We will use [Was] with First Person Singular Subject [ i ] and [ Were ] with First Person Plural Subject [ we ].

We will use [Were] with Second Person Singular Subject [You] and [ Were ] with Second Person Plural Subject [ You ].

We will use [Was] with Third Person Singular Subject [He, She, It, Ram  ]  and [ Were ] with Third Person Plural Subject  [ They, The Boy ].


Affirmative Sentence Structure:-


Subject +was/were+v1+ing+Object



I was sleeping.

She was singing.

You were crying.

I was eating.

You were studying.

You were sleeping.

You were going.

You were eating.

We were singing.

We were dancing.

You were playing.

You were studying.

Pooja was singing a song.

We were going.

I was going.

Farmers were plowing in the field.

She was sewing.

I was waiting for you.

He was begging.

The teacher was teaching us.

 They were going home.

They were having food.



Rules for making Negative Sentences:- To make the negative sentence, we use Subject first, then Was/Were (according to the subject), followed by Not, followed by V-ing, and finally Object. is |



Negative Sentence Structure:-






I was not sleeping.

She was not singing the song.

You weren’t crying.

I was not eating.

You were not reading.

You were not sleeping.

You weren’t going.

You were not eating.

We were not singing.

We were not dancing.

You were not playing.

You were not studying.

Pooja was not singing the song.

We were not going.

I was not going.

The farmers were not plowing the field.

She was not sewing.

I was not waiting for you.

He was not begging.

The teachers were not teaching us.

They were not going home.

They were not eating.



Rule of making Interrogative Sentence:- Was/Were is used first (according to the subject) to make interrogative sentences. After that Subject is used. After that V-ing and finally, Object is used.


Interrogative Sentence Structure:-


was/were+Subject +v1 +ing+Object?


Was I studying?

Was he beating you?

Were you eating?

Were you sleeping?

Were you going?

Were you dancing?

Was he waiting for you?

Were you sleeping?

Were you eating?

Were you going?

Was she sleeping?

Were you roaming?

Were you studying?

Was I sleeping?

Was your father scolding you?

Was your wife making tea?

Was he doing anything?

Were you going to school?


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