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What is Adjective   What is an adjective?:- A noun or a pronoun that describes the characteristics of a noun is called an adjective.   1.Adjective of quality 2.Adjective of quantity 3.Numeral Adjective 4.Demonstrative Adjective 5.Possessive Adjective 6.Distributive Adjective 7.Interrogative Adjective 8.Proper Adjective 9.Emphatic Adjective 10.Exclamatory Adjective   1.Adjective of quality:- Adjectives that convey the […]

what is a pronoun? | Incrediblecaffe

What is a Pronoun? Types of Pronouns & Examples   What is a Pronoun?:- A word that is used in place of a noun is called a pronoun.   Types of Pronouns:-   1.Personal Pronoun 2.Possessive Pronoun 3.Reflexive Pronoun 4.Emphatic Pronoun 5.Demonstrative Pronoun 6.Indefinite Pronoun 7.Distributive Pronoun 8.Reciprocal Pronoun 9.Relative Pronoun 10.Interrogative Pronoun   1.Personal […]

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