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Kinds of  Noun


There are five types of nouns.


1.Proper Noun 

2.Common Noun

3.Collective Noun  

4.Material Noun

5.Abstract Noun 


1.What is Proper Noun:- A special name of a person, tree, plant, day, month, place, or thing is called a proper noun.

Example:- Ram ,India, Japan,Patna,goa


2.What is Common Noun:- A noun that does not refer to a particular person, animal, place or thing, but refers to the whole species or category, is called a common noun.

Example:- Man,Book,School,Cat,Pen,Capital,River,Ball,Table, Woman,etc.


3.What is Collective Noun:- A noun that refers to a group of people of the same type is called a collective noun.

Example:- Class,Family,Bunch,Team, etc.


4.What is Material Noun:- A noun that refers to a substance or liquid, which is measured or weighed, but not counted, is called a material noun.

Example:- Milk, Oil, Meat, Paper, Sand, Rich.

5.What is Abstract Noun:-  Abstract Noun refers to the names of things that can only be thought of, not seen or touched.

Example:- Goodness, Honesty, Beauty, Youth, Friendships, Sweetness.


Modern Classification of the Noun


According to modern grammar, there are three types of nouns.


1.Proper Noun

2.Countable Noun

3.Uncountable Noun 



1.Proper Noun:- A special name of a person, tree, plant, day, month, place, or thing is called a proper noun.

Example:- Lucy, India, America, Himalayas, April, etc.


2.Countable Noun:- Nouns that we can count are called countable nouns.

Example:- Cow, Boy,Room,Village,Road,Class,etc.


3.Uncountable Noun:- Nouns that we cannot count are called uncountable nouns.

Example:- Oil, Milk, Honey, Gold, Silver Love, Honesty.

The noun is divided into two numbers in English grammar.  


1.Singular number 

2.Plural number 


1.Singular Number:- The word which can denote only one noun is called a singular number.

Examples:- Boy, Cat, Dog, Fox, Etc.


2.Plural Number:- If a word can represent more than one noun, it is called a plural number.

Examples:- Books, Pens, Cats, Dogs, Rats, Etc.

What is Gender:- Gender determining terminology is called gender.


There are four types of gender in English grammar.

1.Masculine Gender  

2.Feminine Gender 

3.Common Gender 

4.Neuter Gender  

1.Masculine Gender:- The word by which the male caste is understood, then it is called Masculine gender.


Example:- Man,Bull,Lion,Boy,Dog,King,Brother,Uncle,Etc.


2.Feminine Gender:- The word which denotes a woman’s caste, is called feminine.


Example:- Woman,Daughter,Mother,Cow,Girl,Cat,Etc.


3.Common Gender:- The word which gives a sense of both male and female caste, then it is called common gender.


Example:- Parents, King, Queen, Servant, Maid, Teacher, Student, Thief, Singer, Writer, Guest, Etc.


4.Neuter Gender:-  The word that neither makes sense of woman’s caste Nor is there any sense of male caste, then it is called neutral gender. 


Example:- Pen,Rat,Ant,Wood,Book,Tree,Table,Chair,ink,Gold,iron,SchoolEtc.


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