Artificial Intelligence

Artificail Intelligence

In this Blog we will be talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence). after that, We will also discuss AI (Artificial Intelligence ) Application and its benefits .and we will talk about 12 AI Applications of use in Different Sectors.

Artificial Intelligence Technology in Future | Definition |  AI Application | Tutorial  

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence: AI is the branch of computer science under which artificial intelligence has the ability to think and act like humans.

Such as :– speech and voice recognition, learning and planning, identify the problem, and its solution.

1.For Finance Sector
2.For Banking Sector
3 For Marketing Sector
4.For Agriculture Sector
5.For Healthcare Sector
6.For Gaming Sector
7.For Space Exploration Sector
8.For Autonomous Vehicles Sector
9.For Chatbots Sector
10.For Artificial Creativity Sector

1. Artificial Intelligence Applications: Finance Sector

I give You a few examples So that You Can understand and it will make you understand.  AI Applications used for the Finance Industry. Such as: For cash account, For credit accounts, For investment accounts. According to the Analysts and experts, AI Will help in the Banking Sector One Trillion Dollar 2030 Until.
You can think about how much It will be helpful For the Finance is Incredible in itself. We can see a lot of examples impact of Artificial Intelligence technology in our life. such as the banking and finance sector, communication, sports, media, healthcare, etc.

2.Artificial Intelligence Applications: Banking Sector

Incredible contribution of AI in the banking sector. AI is the future of banking as it brings the power of advanced data analytics to less fraudulent transactions and improves compliance. The  AI algorithm accomplishes anti-money laundering activities in few seconds, which otherwise takes hours and days.

Banks using AI can achieve more informed banking .which will improve service and customer experience as well as which will reduce the complaint. This will strengthen the relationship between the bank and customers.

an environment that not only provides customers with assistance and insights, which in turn gives them greater control over their personal finances, but also an added sense of financial security. for example, HDFC Bank has developed an AI-based chatbot.

3.Artificial Intelligence Applications: Marketing Sector

Artificial Intelligence collects more information about the customer for marketing .such as marketers can further break down data to create customized content for their audiences.  AI always tries to make how can I motivate the customer.

AI  technology enables marketers to separate their customers into distinct personas and understand exactly what motivates them. With this information in mind, marketers are able to focus on the specific needs of their audience and creating a long-lasting relationship with the brand.

4.Artificial Intelligence Applications: Agriculture Sector

Artificial Intelligence gives a lot of contribution to the agriculture sector .you can understand through a few examples as if: AI helps the farmers to understand the data insight such as temperature, solar radiation, wind speed, and moisture.

AI has a lot of potentials for solving the challenges of farmers. AI  technology normally used in the agriculture sector such as robots, temperature and moisture sensors, GPS technology, etc.

5.Artificial Intelligence Applications: HealthCare Sector

Artificial intelligence is used to solve health-related problems. such as the detection and cure of chronic disease as soon as possible.  AI is being used in the healthcare sector for the delivery of healthcare services and drug discovery it’s incredible.

Artificial Intelligence can predict and diagnose diseases faster than experienced medical professionals. the use of AI  is increasing day by day in the medical field all over the world. the healthcare sector can be improved with the help of  AI such as: more and more patients can be treated by using less time.


6.Artificial Intelligence Applications: Gaming Sector

Artificial Intelligence is mostly used in video games.  AI  behaves exactly like a human while playing video games. you can take a lot of enjoyment from the video game. If you have ever played a video game must have experienced it. as we experience when driving a car.

you will play race car games for Speed, strategy games for a like Civilization, shooting games for a like Counter-Strike .there are given eight AI games below.

1) AlphaGo.
2) IBM Watson.
3) Dark forest.
4) Deep Blue.
5) F.E.A.R.
6) Half-Life.
7) Halo: Combat Evolved.
8) Stockfish.

7.Artificial Intelligence Applications: Space Exploration Sector

with the help of AI for research on planets will become easier. such as for example human life, water resource.  AI can change the trajectory of space exploration.  AI can gather a lot of information and implement a good strategy after implementing it.

a strategy will favor all scientists and researchers. it’s incredible itself. AI can help researchers find life on new planets, new life for human beings. Artificial Intelligence is also being used for NASA.

8.Artificial Intelligence Applications: Autonomous Vehicles Sector

The autonomous Vehicles Sector increasing day by day in the AI sectors for example most popular self-driving car is Tesla. Tesla is an Electric car company. The AI system collects data from vehicles like radar, cameras, GPS, and cloud services to produce control signals that operate the’s incredible itself.

self – driving cars are being made with the help of AI, which the transportation system will change. there will be a change in the transformation system that will help people. Google’s virtual assistant called Google Duplex, for example, millions of people use google duplex.

9.Artificial Intelligence Applications: Chatbots Sector

A chatbot is an  AI software. who talks to direct with the customer help through the chatting. the chatbot can talk to the customer in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps. the chatbot is incredible itself. there are eight types of chatbot here.

1 MobileMonkey.
2) IBM Watson.
3) Dark forest.
4) Deep Blue.
5) F.E.A.R.
6) Half-Life.
7) Halo: Combat Evolved.
8) Stockfish.

the best chatbot will be able to suggest to the customer according to current or previous interaction.AI powered chatbot is a natural language processing and machine learning to better understand the intent with the customer. the chatbot has a human-level communication capability.

10.Artificial Intelligence Applications: Artificial Creativity Sector

Artificial intelligence tries to solve problems in our life. AI can make music and art. An AI-based system called MuseNet can now compose classical music. If programmers can teach an AI bot enough about the human culture the AI can do some pretty creative problem-solving .artists write algorithms to create  AI images.

The past few years have used a class of algorithms called generative adversarial networks (GANs). AI algorithms learn through a specific aesthetic.


I hope guys you like AI technology.

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